No Goths No Glory

Last night I paid a visit (in fine company) to Vampire Lounge in Stockholm. The reason was to get our hands on some of their fine ice-cream cocktails. And to admire the trying-slightly-too-hard interior. As we sat there a thought occurred to us. “This would be a fine bar for goths,” we mused. Looking round we realised that there was not a single person there who wasn’t dead normal.

It occurred to me then that I hadn’t seen an actual goth for ages. So what the hell happened? Did they go extinct in the wild? Did they all move to Berlin? Or did they all, in protest at Andrew Eldritch not stopping while he was ahead, get jobs in banks and bury their long leather coats in shame?

Crusties, indie kids and synthers are still around. The goth’s furrier and cosier cousins the Gothic Lolitas still show up from time to time in their frilly umbrellas and teeny tiny little hats. But good old-fashioned goths just aren’t seen any more. It’s like they were ethnically cleansed, and removed from reality.

As sub-cultures go, I’ve always liked the goths. They look damn fine in their corsets and top hats, and definitely seem to represent the more cerebral side of rock. Also I knew a lot of goths in Dublin in the 90s and they were all very nice people. Unlike some of the rockers who’d nick your pint as soon as look at you.

So what happened to the goths? Is this a Swedish thing, or are they still seen in other cities? Has anybody seen one lately? Have they gone to a much cooler place that the rest of us just don’t know about?

In order to straighten this out I proclaim this goth-spotting week. Keep your eyes open people, and report all sightings to me. And if we can’t find any, perhaps a captive breeding program must be established. And for this I wholeheartedly offer my services.

/ paddy noir


21 thoughts on “No Goths No Glory

  1. Y’know, I think you’re right; there has been a definite reduction in gothcount this past few years.

    Back in Belfast in the 90’s/2000’s they were well represented. I too now live as an expat, and maybe there never were that many here in New Zealand anyway. I shall keep my eye out this week and report back :)


      • Looks like you’re right so far (at least in Wellington). The closest example to gothitude here has been a fella with a long black leather jacket. But I think he was more of a dungeons and dragons kind of guy – a related but distinct grouping.

        But I refuse to believe it! I suspect that somewhere in this little city there is a group of Goths waiting to be discovered. Follow the sound of The Cure.

        Question : did anyone else ever refer to Goths as ‘Curedogs’?

      • I’ve never heard of “curedogs”. I have heard “cureheads” though. My friend Stu can tell us if that was a phrase reserved for Cure fans, or for gothy people in general. Stu?

  2. The oldschool goths probably got married, had some kids and were replaced by Emo’s, Fashionistabloggers, Pinkhairlolitagirls and Wannabepunkers.

    There was a youthcenter in my city where all the goths hung out in the 80s. After they shut the place down 10 years ago they just dissappeared. Strange….
    Most rockbars in the Netherlands now play deathmetal and shit like that. I really miss stuff like The Cure, Joy Division and The Mission:)

      • Haha, I suppose getting married still allows you to be goth but once you have kids that hit puberty they’ll probably beg you to loose the outfit(and the hat):)

  3. I thought I’d pop up to say that this is a puzzling topic! In school in Carlow (about 10 years ago), I was very good friends with a girl who was a goth and another who was a goth-punk-rocker type. I was just the label-less girl who didn’t fit in, so I made friends with people who built groups around not fitting in, and didn’t exactly fit in with the rest of their groups. Took it to a whole new level of not fitting in really!
    Anyway, both girls stick by their labels and their previous music choices largely. However, the goth has gone back to her natural red hair instead of dying it black and no longer wears spikes, while the goth-punk-rocker naturally has jet black hair but she tends to go to more mainstream clubs and pubs now and she wears way more colours. Both of them do tend to do the “my opinions are so much more valid and intelligent than yours because I am alternative” slightly patronising thing though, which leads me to believe that gothicness lives on, in spirit anyway!
    That being said, I have not seen an “out” goth where I currently abide in Cork city, so maybe they do need a revival of sorts…

    • Cork seems like a perfect place for goths! All maritime and ex-industrial. They need to get their act together. And I hope you’ve been to Cafe Paradiso. I fucking love that place.

      • No, I’m a bit of an odd control freak about food, and only reluctantly eat anything not prepared by me! I really should go there before I leave Cork, because everyone gives it rave reviews and I bet everything there is much nicer than I could make it myself! I still haven’t seen any goths, although many teenage punks and the odd ageing metaller. It’s almost like they’ve gone underground! Maybe they’re hatching some new campaign for world domination?

  4. You know, I haven’t seen anyone either. Or maybe I have, but I haven’t reflected over them being there. I like ’em. I will keep an eye out.

  5. well iv been looking in my town since i got out of Hi school an sadly they moved to the city or the more populated places in town but alas i will continue to look for my missing dark clad comrades sadly i must say its the ever increasing pressure that’s driven the reel gothic’s away to the cities caus that’s the only place iv ever seen them now a days accept for my self im every ware a gothic can go without being attacked caus LA is out of the question its an anti goth war zone New York and Sanfransisco are like the last places you’ll find mass quantities of goths other than out of country. its sad but the conformisht have made it hard to be a gothic in public without being escorted out of buildings by

    • Dude, you got out of high school, and you still can’t spell or use basic punctuation..? I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but you realize that people WILL judge you on the quality of your writing, since the web is largely a written medium? Just a tip but really, get it together. And thanks for the goth info.

  6. In NYC we had a club, “the bank” but no more. I’m afraid most of us have gone into hiding or now are working the 9-5 w/ spouse and kids. I’ve noticed a few sites labeling themselves as goth sites. It’s not the same as it was, nor will it ever be…

  7. They still exist. But (lazy, lazy) not so “dressed up” in daily life. At least Germoney seems to be a natural reservation.

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