Japan Pearl Harbour Earthquake Fuckwits

It’s pretty hard to miss the news coming in from Japan. If a crushing earthquake wasn’t enough, the country was ploughed by tsunami and now faces nuclear fallout from its aging reactors. Thousands are dead, more are missing and millions are homeless. Watching the news for just five minutes is pretty heart-wrenching.

You would think the world would show its sympathy for Japan in the same way that most of us showed sympathy for the events of September 11 2001. Unfortunately this wasn’t entirely the case as shown by this image doing the rounds over the last day or two. I’ll link to the fucking thing, but I won’t give it any column inches. It’s basically a collection of retarded moronic red-neck comments made by idiot Americans on Facebook. Have a look, if you must, but hold your breath.

These brilliant samples of humanity are pointing out how the Japanese deserve this horrendous situation because of Pearl Harbour. They bombed us, yeah, de sure did, so fuck ’em. Well pass the shotgun ma there’s a squirrel on my knee and my dick is the sick of an acorn, ha-yuck.

These people. These fucking people. There’s not much to say really, is there? It’s just mind-melting that useless pieces of crap like this can live and breath and share the same planet as the rest of us. Even if their little comments were accurate, it would be a very nasty thing to say right now when the Japanese are suffering like this. However there is very little that can be considered true in their Pearl Harbour comment. Let’s just throw a few facts out there, shall we.

A good many people died at Pearly Harbour. Mostly soldiers though. Soldiers in a war. At Hiroshima and Nagasaki civilians were targeted (which I believe is called terrorism) and vastly more were killed. And there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the atomic attacks were not actually necessary to stop the war at all and were only done to show the world what the American atomic weapons could do, and also to crush Japan quickly so the USA wouldn’t have to share it with the Russians as they did with Germany. “Saving American lives” wasn’t really a consideration. It was about power and posturing, and as for dead civilians… fuck ’em.

Then of course Pearl Harbour wasn’t really part of the US at all, but annexed by them, which means basically stolen, in 1893. Do our fantastically thick Facebookers know this? No, of course they don’t. By all means, prove me wrong people, please do.

Finally, of course, being Americans, I would guess that the majority of these fine people would describe themselves as Christians. And not at all understand why that’s ironic. Because, as I’ve mentioned, they are as fucking thick as a shit slushy.

I’ve checked a few people on this image, and they do indeed have real Facebook accounts. This is possibly the most scary thing of all, that this is actually for real. If anybody wants to harass them and send them naughty words, you have my blessing. They deserve nothing less, the rancid malevolent little turds.

Ignore those morons, Japan. They don’t represent us. We promise.

/ paddy

11 thoughts on “Japan Pearl Harbour Earthquake Fuckwits

  1. My hero David Suzuki has something to say about internment camps in British Columbia, Canada. I’ll let you all ponder on what that says about the validity of any government who indulges in the arbitrary stereotyping and baseless criminalization of their own tax-paying citizens. Why pay taxes at all if you’ll just be arrested tomorrow for something as stupid as having epicanthic folds or a black beard?

    On another note, should I torment myself and wonder why any rational corporation would decide to build a nuclear plant *both* in an earthquake zone *and* near the coastline despite historical tsunamis and the surrounding citizens’ completely terrifying memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Of course it’s too late to cry about the leaking radiation now but I’m kinda getting tired of these “BP-style disasters” ruining the lives of regular hardworking human beings while the fat CEOs feigning stupidity manage to avoid decapitation.

    Perhaps if we learned to accurately identify and intern SOCIOPATHS, we’d be really on to something.

    • Indeed. It’s always the average people who have to live with these fucking mistakes made by idiots. And nobody responsible ever loses any fingers. They might in Japan though. I hope they do it on TV.

  2. Paddy K, although I am in total agreement with this blog post, I will ask you to forgive me for being off-topic.

    And… long-winded.

    I have refrained from cluttering your blog up with my long-winded comments ever since you rightly pointed out to me that I was appropriating more than my fair share of space. (I have not stopped reading it, though.)

    I trust, however, that you will forgive me for being a bit long-winded this one time.

    This is S:t Patrick’s Day, and I really don’t care if the Irish build ugly houses in the countryside and for the moment I will even disregard the stupid Catholic priests, for Ireland remains one of the most beautiful and culturally magnificent countries in the world. Say what you want to that, but this is so. Also, the Irish are among the very friendliest and kindest people I’ve met in a life of travelling.

    This year, I feel more for the Irish than ever, because of a crisis very similar to the one us Greeks are suffering.

    I hope that, in spite of the crisis, all you Irish people reading this blog will be able to forget the hardships this S:t Patrick’s Day, and celebrate beautiful Ireland in happiness.

    You too, Paddy, although you live in Sweden and don’t suffer the crisis.

    Here’s to Ireland! Here’s to the Irish!

    All the best,

    • Hi there Bellis! Welcome back to these pages.

      Yes it’s sad what’s happened in Ireland, and sadder that nobody responsible has been flogged for it. The rich bastards always squeak by, don’t they, and everybody else clears up the mess.

      However, they didn’t really need all those ugly big houses….

      I think Ireland will recover well, and I don’t mean financially. I think now we can find some Irish spirit again (and maybe once again get some good writers and bands). Being rich fucks you up.

  3. Total death list
    Pearl Harbor death toll= 2403 dead
    Hiroshima bomb= 66000 dead
    Nagasaki bomb= 74909 dead
    Tohoku earthquake and tsunami 2011= 12431 dead
    Wasn’t that enough of a payback already?

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