Tail’s Last Hurrah

I am feeling sad tonight, much more than I would have thought. Our degu Tail (so known because he kept his tail while his compatriot lost his) is on his way to the vets tomorrow to be put down. The poor little bastard damaged his back and for a month or two now has not been able to move his back legs at all. Now they are all scabbed and hairless from dragging and the poor bugger can’t move around or stand up. He’s grown thin and haggard and doesn’t appear to be getting any better. To be honest, it looks like it hurts.

Right now he’s having his last run around the apartment, dragging himself with his front paws. He’s been given a smörgåsbord of all his favourite nibbles and watching him drag himself around I feel ridiculously sad.

I am sad because I will miss the little guy and his quirky personality but also because I think it reminds me of H12’s fading childhood. When we got him and his late friend 2 years ago I still remember how happy we both were to get them home. And we built an awesome enclosure for them and they’ve been a part of our lives since them. Now H12 is almost a teen (may the saints preserve us) and all those childhood things are fading and won’t be back again. It’s like I’m taking a chunk of our lives to the vets tomorrow to be put down along with the wee beastie.

Anyway, it’s zero hour 9.15 tomorrow morning. Spare a thought for poor Tail. His life was short but full of nibbles.

/ paddy


12 thoughts on “Tail’s Last Hurrah

  1. It’s depressing that it seems like the first option vets give is to put a pet down instead of finding better ways of treating them the way we strive to do so much for humans. I guess I’m an anti-specist softy and that little guy looks so cute.

  2. Sad to hear, we,ve lost four over the last couple of years and it’s not gotten easier – they’ve got such well developed personalities you get really attached to them. Like tiny dogs really!

  3. I am so sorry. Losing a pet is much worse than one can believe before it actually happens. You did the right thing. Being able to put a suffering animal down is an honorable thing.

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