Mars, Spam, Etc.

I occasionally venture into my spam folder on this blog to see what’s in there. I am rarely disappointed. Let me show you what turned up today: Being married might commemoration wherein a couple might be mixed throughout being married and even a the exact same association. Party manners and also fashions will vary to a great extent from countries, ethnic competitors, belief systems, nations around, and also national kinds. The majority wedding parties throw a major turn related to marriage ceremony vows by means of the several, visualization associated with talent (offering, call(s i9000), sentimental asset, fresh flowers, money), or a common public proclamation related to being married at a specialist think in addition to innovator. Individual marriage ceremony shirts can often be worn, in addition to commemoration may be in addition to a marriage event. Tunes, finery, praying in addition to psychic readings by divine scrolls in addition to articles might nearly always utilized in the main commemoration.

Different countries have adopted the average Conventional specialty of your respective processed marriage ceremony, certainly where a girl wears a good solid processed bridal gowns and also veil. Doing this customs was actually accepted with the marriage ceremony related to Cali king Victoria. Many declare Victoria’s array of a good solid processed dress up may well quickly already been a sign of deluxe, but then may well been recently dependent the main ideals he or she possessed which probably emphasised bedroom love.[1] Around the cutting-edge ‘white wedding’ customs, a good solid processed attire and also veil might be scarce ways for a woman’s next in addition to using marriage ceremony. The concept a good solid processed dress up will imply bedroom love appears to have been often digarded, and is particularly belittled at social grace webmasters just like Judith Martin seeing as undesirable.[2]

I cut it here. There was a lot, lot more than that. It went on and fucking on. What the fuck are they one about? No idea. But I’m glad some drunk copywriters in India are getting some work.

I am kind of flattered that random spam merchants will bother to post such drivel on a blog that gets like two and a half hits per day. Perhaps they think I’m a genius. Or maybe the other Paddy Kelly.

Anyway. I just saw John Carter. And despite it’s general low rating, I thought it was extremely good. It didn’t at all deserve to crash and burn to the extent that it did. On the other hand, I also liked Waterworld. Go figure.

/ paddy

3 thoughts on “Mars, Spam, Etc.

  1. Paddy, did you also view Iron Sky?

    I and a lady in my relationships cluster went to see John Carter and Iron Sky. She has more or less stopped viewing films because she thinks most films are made according to Hollywood template 1A. Her verdict was John Carter: ok, but oh, so very template 1A, and Iron Sky: ok, and fresh because it was not Hollywood template 1A. (Well, she did approach Iron Sky expecting next to nothing…) I thought both films ok.

    A minimalistic description of John Carter would be “silly and brutal”. Silly because of the supersonic do-gooder doggie, and brutal because of what the Martians did to their own children. This description may not be totally fair… Iron Sky had a lot of fun with political criticism, the Finns being the only honest people on Earth, thereby ending up not being able to help against the invaders… Iron Sky is available on dvd.


    ps: perhaps you should check up on the swedish national chlamydia day? State chlamydia troubadours singing chlamydia songs in the street. I have some links if you are interested. .ds

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