Erotic Refugees Are Go!

Hurrah! After an unspecified volume of blood, sweat, tears, semen and coffee, my dick-lit novel Erotic Refugees is finally on the kindle ebook store!


Writing the bloody book was a walk in the park compared to working out how to publish on the damn kindle store. At some points it was like magic. I mean, who designed this rancid, stinking system? It was insanely hard to use and hid vital information at every turn.

Anyway, now it’s done. So welcome to the humorous and sexually invigorating adventures of Eoin Kelliher and Rob Maher, two love-hungry expats in Stockholm who decide to make a dating website with a nasty twist. With lots of expat jokes thrown in. And shagging, naturally. And Guinness.

So go on, my precious readers. Do the decent thing and give something back for the years of cutting commentary I’ve been handing out for nothing.

If you have a kindle, you can buy it directly from the device. If you don’t you can still read it using the kindle reader app on smartphone or iPad or Tab or whatever you have. However, you’ll have to first buy the book on the amazon website, and when you start up the app, it’ll download it for you.

And hey, some glowing reviews would be very nice too. Assuming you like it. Which you will.

(Here’s the link, if you missed the two up there:

/ paddy

25 thoughts on “Erotic Refugees Are Go!

  1. Ah, you credit-card carrying [beep]!

    The price (tjufem spänn) is not to exorbitant.
    The Amazon free kindle pc reader is downloadable.
    The cover illustration may need some clarification – is a certain thing on fire, or does it just need shaving?
    I begin to suspect that I will manage to create an amazon account, if I have to.
    I even suspect that the price will be automatically paid in swedish crowns. Even though the help page that would have clarified that to me only has a very nice little doggie to its credit.
    And I’m sure I don’t have too many keyboard sniffers on board.


    I don’t have a credit card. I am a very principled man.

    I’m sure the book is a very good read.


  2. Rolf: Set up an amazon account. Download the free reader. And I’ll send you a gift-voucher to buy the book with. See the lengths I will go to for my fans?

  3. I started it last night and am enjoying it. :) Please to be clarifying some things:

    What are sixties and forties?

    What is the ‘skateboard’ like thing on the back of prams? A link to a photo would be cool. I can’t picture it.

    What’s bandy?

    Likewise to the frog dance.

    Twice-yearly cleaning day? That sounds horrible.

  4. V.L.: The skateboard thing sits behind the regular pram, so you can have one kid in the pram, and another one standing behind on the skateboard. It’s very efficient.

  5. I downloaded Kindle app to my laptop, then Erotic Refugees and got it for free?!!? I’d gladly pay for this ebook, just started reading and like it, so if you want payment please give me a hint and I’ll transfer money. Chapter 7 starts now :)

    • There’s a free promotion on, to get some traffic, until tomorrow. After that they’ll have to pay. But it’s fine, just give me an honest rating and a review when you’re done, and tell your friends. And put some money in a charity box somewhere.

  6. COMHGHAIRDEAS YA GOOD T’ING YA! Brilliant way to go into the new year. I wish you many sales and Shades of Grey recognition. ‘Fraid I don’t own a kindle & I cancelled my amazon account over Julian Assange, but I’m emailing my brother in Canada to get it. He’s a kindle freak. And is there something new in the works? PS I like your new look.

  7. What do nudity, sensuality, eroticism and sexuality mean to me? That is what I want to show in my blog – I will use more than just words.

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