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Perhaps some of my seven remaining readers have noticed I’ve been a little slack lately. But, I have an excuse! I was lazy, and busy with writing. Is that a good excuse? I also got engaged. Any better? Oh well.

2014-08-04 20.46.55But! The good news is, all is not lost. I have just launched my new writing site (“launched” in the meaning of telling people about it on Facebook and opening a beer to celebrate). This is to have a more professional writing-orientated web presence. The blog will focus a bit more on writing things, although not much. There might be less swearing, there might not. Hard to say.

That tree over there, by the way, is to symbolise my trepidation about the unknown, and my hope for the future, and my desire to fill up some column inches with random photos, just for the sake of it. Nice tree, though.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who’ve followed me on this blog, and welcome on over to Swimming To The Sun where it’s more of the same.

/ paddy

7 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. Welcome to the land of writers-with-websites! I like the way yours is set up, but I’m having a devil of a time subscribing to yours. My RSS feed reader doesn’t recognise the url and when I try to subscribe through WordPress it says my email address isn’t valid, though it so is.

    Still good luck and well done! I’ll keep trying with the RSS reader, it may just take a few days to recognise your url.

    Are you not using this website at all now?

  2. To: Paddy K, I liked a good portion of what you have stated, mo argument people can be snobbish, and closed minded, but may I put nces asa twist on your statements, please,yes everyone should be allowed their own experiences, but I was married 30 years, ( sadly she passed, ) but we had found, if I may explain, so many who”s marriage was long term got into a rut, ( same old, same old,) we realized by changing up experience, thus, using many different things, not just props but role play, PR submission, bondage, just a few examples, as there is so many different things to choose, kept the life I guess you might say, and rewarding, because we also followed rules, no cheating, trust, respect, safety, oh yes Sane, and consensual( part of respect for each other, and big big factor, communihat we worked out, as I said not looking to argue just pointing out, in our 30 years together, and, enjoyed, thanks for letting me respond, signed, allykts.

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