Author Page

Paddy Kelly was born in Ireland in 1971 and narrowly avoided being a farmer. A romantic accident moved him to Sweden where he remains to this day, now a huge fan of standing in line, wind-driven snow and fermented fish. He’s had fiction and non-fiction published in loads of places, from The Irish Times to Analog Science Fiction. Paddy’s hobbies include dark fusion belly dance, boardgaming, and, perhaps ironically, farming.

His amazon author page can be found here.

Books (buy us please!):

We Can English, non-fiction, 2022 (LYS förlag, bokus,,


Hollow Oaks, novel, Amazon Kindle Store, 2019
Deep Shell, science fiction novella, Amazon Kindle Store, 2015

Game writing:

The Apple Tree – Interactive story for Pendragon game-jam, 2020
The Sickle Moon – Interactive story for Pendragon game-jam, 2020


Coffee – A Love Story, Slow Travel Stockholm, 2018
Irish Abroad, Article in Irish Times, 2017
Stockholm Swingers, Slow Travel Stockholm, 2016
The Art of Standing in Line, The Local, 2009
A Nice Cup of Tea, The Local, 2010
Murder in the Laundry Room, The Local, 2010

Popular science articles:

Making Electricty From Air, WARP News, 2020
Solar Panel That Can Operate At Night, WARP News, 2020
Gravity Energy Storage, WARP News, 2020

Stories and poems:

Lonely Hearts of the Spinward Ring (galley proof), Analog Magazine, 2016
Story in science fiction anthology, 2019
Poems in Multiverse anthology, 2019
Poem in Rise Up And Repeal (print and ebook), 2019
Passing, The Molotov Cocktail, 2016