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Paddy Kelly was born in Ireland in 1971 and narrowly avoided being a farmer. A romantic accident moved him to Sweden where he remains to this day, now a huge fan of standing in line, wind-driven snow and fermented fish. He’s had fiction and non-fiction published in loads of places, from The Irish Times to Analog Science Fiction. Paddy dances Lindy Hop and Belly Dance and has, on several occasions, had his arm all the way inside a cow. You can mail him here (but remove the spaces first):

spongepaddy @ gmail . com


I realised I was a writer when I was given a one-page story to write in school at age eight, and turned in a story six pages long featuring aliens, giant squids and character arcs. My teacher’s confused frown was all the encouragement I needed.

I’ve written (and had published) poetry, articles and short stories, and I have several self-published works on Amazon, with more on the way. I’m a regular visitor to writing festivals, and a founding member of the Stockholm Writers Festival. In terms of genre, I tend towards the weirder end of the spectrum, having grown up on classic science fiction and fantasy game-books, although I’ll give anything a go.

My favourite colour is vacuum and my favourite word is “incandescent.”


Hollow Oaks, self-published urban fantasy novel, 2019

Poem in Rise Up and Repeal: A poetic archive of the 8th amendment, 2019

Terror At The Crossroads – Major Horror Anthology, 2019

Two poems in International Poetry Anthology, 2018

Coffee – A Love Story, Slow Travel Stockholm, 2018

Article in Irish Times, September 2017

Stockholm Swingers, Slow Travel Stockholm, September 2016

Lonely Hearts of the Spinward Ring, Analog Magazine, April 2016

Passing, The Molotov Cocktail, December 2016

The Art of Standing in Line, The Local, November 2009

A Nice Cup of Tea, The Local, September 2016

Murder in the Laundry Room, The Local, September 2016

Deep Shell, science fiction novella, Amazon Kindle, March 2015

Erotic Refugees, rom-com novel, Amazon Kindle, December 2012