A Bank Too Far

You just have to love the Irish (something you’d all do well to remember, let me mysteriously add). The Irish taxpayers are now the proud owners of two fucked-up financial institutions, which might require cash injections of up to 50 billion euro to keep their greasy bosses in Guinness and Irish-dancer hookers.

One individual decided to vent his spleen at this by driving a cement truck into the gates of the Irish parliament (The Dáil) last Wednesday. On the truck he had painted “Anglo Toxic Bank”, as one of the banks involved is called the Anglo Irish Bank.

This was fun, and the incident was immediately referred to as “cementgate” which is pretty hilarious. More hilarious still was the wave of tweets with the #cementgate tag that immediately followed. See the article here for a few of them. My own favourite:

paddylogue: “Nice headline on Clare Herald website: ‘Mortar Attack’ On Leinster House.”

Sweet. And thanks to the most excellent O.R. Melling (whose books you really all should be buying) for the tip-off.

/ paddy