Back from Oz

I travelled to Australia with the boy in the middle of their winter. Wise move, as I missed out on the 30-degree swelter in Stockholm and I don’t do warm very well. We were in Sydney and Melbourne for two weeks and it was rather nice, thank you, despite the torture of sitting for 13 hours on a plane (preceded by 9 hours on a plane and followed by 3 hours on a plane). My CO2 footprint must be the size of Yellowstone Park.

I also was a couchsurfing guest for the first time, after having been a couchsurfing host for a few years. Me and the boy met a cat who played the harp, a man with a twirly moustache, and a kind lady who had a wombat in her back garden. Lovely people all.

The food was great, the weather mild (13 degrees in winter? Wimps) and the people had that nice relaxed vibe that you sure as hell do NOT get in Stockholm. It’s just a pity that Sydney was totally bike-unfriendly and not very well thought out. For example, I did not see a single stairs with a ramp for buggies and my friend spent his day lifting his 2-year-old’s buggy up and down stairs. And wheelchair accessible? Yeah, right…

Plus! I found Wunderkammer, the best shop ever. It is a classic Victorian cabinet of curiosities. I bought a Xenophora pallidula, a seahorse and some starfish. I would have also bought the gold frankincense and myrrh set but didn’t have the room in my suitcase. Maybe next time. But if you ever happen to be in Melbourne, just fucking GO there!

So that’s the whole “getting up to date” thing out of the way. The next post will be the standard bitching and moaning. I’ll see you then!

/ paddy (who is nice to be home)