Harry Potter and the Snobs of Culture

Today I read what was possibly the most pretentious, culture-snob hackery I have ever come across. It was a “review” (in Swedish) of the latest Harry Potter movie, a movie I am very much looking forward to. But also a review made by a mental midget who should have his title as “culture reporter” revoked, rolled up tightly and inserted into his bottom.

Culture snobs? Where?

This guy is clearly from the snob school of culture. These are people who only regard some things as culture, fine things that they themselves once did a fucking paper on in culture-wank academy. You see these people everywhere, and they are almost always being snide about “lesser” cultural things. Things like science fiction, fantasy, or anything they don’t see as “clever” and can’t be bothered to look into because it might somehow demean them to read a book without a pompous “The” at the beginning of its self-important fucking title.

These people irritate the crap out of me. Well let me inform them – culture isn’t what a group of MacBook-owning (and come on, of course they all have MacBooks) and big black glasses-wearing idiots deem it to be. Culture, my snobby mate, is what people actually consume. I would even go as far to say that ballet and opera aren’t culture. They are museum pieces with very limited appeal, only kept alive by huge chunks of tax-payer’s money. Football is more culture than opera (and I don’t even like football). And Star Trek (despite being rather crap) is hugely more culturally relevant than some Nobel prize-winning tosser with his angsty shite that people will only buy because the slab-head won a Nobel prize with it.

Where does this reviewer get off saying that it isn’t important that he’s not seen the other movies? In what other movie review would this be okay? Perhaps reviewing the Kieślowski movies while only having seen the Red one? Or slashing “The Godfather” based on part 3? My arse it would be okay. And so why is it just fine with Harry Potter?

And then he belittles the book’s plot with his “Oh you all know how it goes” bullshit. Because he couldn’t be arsed to read the books or even see the other movies, it’s fine for us to be just as ignorant as he is. And his other point seems to be that you put enough ack-thors in a movie and throw a swanky enough director at it, then even mediocre second-rate shite like, oh, Harry fucking POTTER can look like a “real” movie.

Screw this guy, and the rest of the pretentious self-satisfied culture snobs who decide it’s okay to look down on things because they happen not to know anything about them. And a tip – next time, if you’re going to review a movie then put the fucking work in. If you don’t, then at least don’t bloody tell us in a “I didn’t bother and that’s okay because I don’t need to” kind of way.

And keep in mind that nobody gives a shit who you stood beside at some football game. Yeah?

/ paddy