Double Jesus

Here’s some Easter (or Påsk as it’s know in this neck of the woods) stuff for y’all.

First, a painted egg, by me:

2017-04-14 19.40.14

And second, a brilliant image from the internets. Unknown artist, I salute you.


I also like that the Swedes refer to Good Friday as Long Friday. Much better name.

/ Paddy

Easter Eggs (Belated)

Sometimes I just feel like being lazy. It’s hasn’t been Easter for a while, I know. I should be discussing American imperialism, I realise. I should be deciding which museums I should see in London, or why I haven’t bought any gold yet, or what the hell I should plant on my balcony. All of this I realise.

Instead, here’s some eggs that me and some fine friends made. It’s very clear which one is best. Don’t you think?

/ paddy (still wondering if they made Usama walk the plank)