Women Holding Big Swords

I do like a bit of science fiction, and I do like a bit of fantasy too. And thanks to these interests I am exposed to a lot of cover art featuring women in far too few clothes for the job at hand.

This is a bit odd as science fiction is actually an excellent genre for showing females as strong characters and not just dumb stereotypes. From Kaylee and Zoe from Firefly to Janeway from Voyager. Not to mention Uhuru in the original Star Trek, the first black actress to play a major TV character that wasn’t a servant.

Fantasy, though, is worse. And fantasy cover and game art is the most tragic. Although Game Of Thrones has given us a slew of strong interesting females, the average female on the cover of a fantasy novel always looks cold and uncomfortable, and liable to be killed by the first badly aimed arrow shot in her direction.

So it’s a refreshing change to see this collection of female fighters dressed in a reasonable and very arse-kicking way. (Click on the button at the bottom of the page to see the other pages, 13 of them in total.)

It confuses me greatly why people would think the usual simpering twits on offer (example up there at the top of this page) are hotter than these no-nonsense sword-thrusting ladies with a brain in their heads and a fucking fire in their hearts.

Or maybe that’s just me.

/ paddy

Girls Using iPhones

So I was at a concert yesterday. And as soon as the band came on stage I had a desire to photograph them. I took out my shitty little phone and spent a few seconds fiddling with it before I realised a few key points: my phone was shit; the room was too dark;  and I was missing the actual IRL event I was paying to see.

I watched the concert instead, but quickly noticed that many other people were busy snapping away on their iPhones. So I tried instead to take photos of them. And I got a few nice photos of attractive girls taking pictures of the band, which was much more entertaining that watching the band itself.

There was, I realised, probably a porn site for that kind of thing. Of course there is – there is a porn site for everything, and I won’t even try and list the most bizarre options here; just go out and find them for yourselves. Tea-towel and cake-baking porn? Oh I bet you’ll find it. Men doing it with one-legged librarians? Five dollars says it’s out there somewhere.

And there IS naturally already a site specialising in photos of girls using iPhones. Typical. Which means that I can’t do it myself. Although this site is more of a “girls taking photos of their own barely covered breasts with a camera that just happens to be an iPhone” but yeah, you get the point.

And the concert was fine, but her hair was far too large.

/ paddy