Quite Okay Midsummer

Ah, the day before midsummer. Tomorrow there will be food and drink and countryside (and fish in a jar, yum) but today I am in the office, slacking off to the max. I feel I should point out that this day is pretty much a national day of slacking off in Sweden. If there were a saint for today, it would no doubt be Saint Slack. Bless him.

But my relaxed state is mostly due to the fact that I will be starting a new job in August. So right now I find myself in that most cherished of positions – completely unfireable. I can basically do whatever I want because what can they do, fire me? Heh heh.

My new job is here, making skill games for the entertainment of the internet community. This new job pleases me greatly and is the first job I have actively went after and bagged. Hurrah for me.

Before them I have a nice summer to look forward to, and a long trip to Australia with H11. So things are going very very well, and today there is nothing to complain about. I even watched some football and liked it.

Nothing at all to complain about? Shit, now I’m all freaked out. So off you go, have a happy midsummer and may all your fish be pickled ones.

/ paddy