Girls Using iPhones

So I was at a concert yesterday. And as soon as the band came on stage I had a desire to photograph them. I took out my shitty little phone and spent a few seconds fiddling with it before I realised a few key points: my phone was shit; the room was too dark;  and I was missing the actual IRL event I was paying to see.

I watched the concert instead, but quickly noticed that many other people were busy snapping away on their iPhones. So I tried instead to take photos of them. And I got a few nice photos of attractive girls taking pictures of the band, which was much more entertaining that watching the band itself.

There was, I realised, probably a porn site for that kind of thing. Of course there is – there is a porn site for everything, and I won’t even try and list the most bizarre options here; just go out and find them for yourselves. Tea-towel and cake-baking porn? Oh I bet you’ll find it. Men doing it with one-legged librarians? Five dollars says it’s out there somewhere.

And there IS naturally already a site specialising in photos of girls using iPhones. Typical. Which means that I can’t do it myself. Although this site is more of a “girls taking photos of their own barely covered breasts with a camera that just happens to be an iPhone” but yeah, you get the point.

And the concert was fine, but her hair was far too large.

/ paddy