Solar Sneezing

I thought everybody sneezed in bright sunlight. Really, I did, and it took me a few years and more than a few sideward glances to discover that it was an anomaly shared by me and only a quarter of the human race.

Here’s how it works. I walk out into bright sunlight and I feel an urge to sneeze coming on. I lift my face to the sun and sneeze twice. Sometimes I sneeze a couple of more times after a few minutes. It almost never fails.

I can also use this trick to force a sneeze. If I feel one coming, and want the bugger to hurry up, I can stick my face up to a bright light and get it quickly over with.

Apparently this reflex is caused by a short-circuit in the brain, where nerves excite each other due to their physical proximity. It is called “photic sneeze reflex”  which I think you will agree is an excellent name for an experimental electronic band.

It’s a condition that has been sparsely studied, since it’s pretty much harmless. However all researchers can agree on one thing – that this odd genetic condition, as a rule, is connected with vastly improved sexual stamina and prowess (and hunkiness in general).

Just so you know.

/ paddy