The Golden Shower Solution

Goodness me, is that the time? Three weeks since my last blog entry? I think my brain is entering some kind of hibernation period. It’s the weather, I say. Perhaps a catastrophic lack of tea and biscuits. Or maybe I’m just in need of a good, hard, proper… oh yeah, my family might be reading… bugger… urm, a good hard proper… crossword…

But alright, for your titillation allow me to present a story from that shit-house of a newspaper, Sweden’s Aftonbladet. The title? “Cold-weather expert says to piss on the tongue”, which pretty much sums it up. You see, this ex-army no-nonsense dude suggests that when the wee ones do what wee ones do and get their tongues stuck to metal poles in winter, that the only solution is to produce the old fleshy hose-pipe and piss on them.

Now I’m not saying it doesn’t work but I am pretty sure that, along with me, everybody out there shudders when they read this. And now I have a permanent image of the old chap popping open his fly with a grim look about him, turning to the tongue-stretchy kid and saying – “Hold on there now Timmy, this won’t hurt a bit. Wait… wait… hang on… ah there we go, better in than out, eh lad?”

And yes, I know I should be talking about serious things like suicide bombers and whistle-blowers but fuck it. That shit’s far too depressing. So if you want some good old-fashioned and non-lethal pee humour in these dark times, you know where to come, and keep on coming… oh crap, wait…

/ paddy