TMI Thursday Lite

I find myself on the horns of a dilemma. Maybe a trilemma. Are there trilemmas? Fuck knows. Maybe Carl knows. Let’s ask him.

No, it appears that Carl is busy. Thanks anyway Carl.

And the polylemma? I want to do a TMI Thursday post and relate something rather embarrassing about myself. Problem one here is that I have told you people pretty much fucking everything that’s ever happened to me in my almost 5 years and 424 blog posts. What embarrassing fact DON’T you all already know about me by now?

And horn 2 is that my family, bless them, are now well aware of my blog. All of them, from H11, to his cousin C, and therefore also my sisters, parents and various uncles and aunts. I might as well just stop right now. But I suppose I’ll have to say something since you all read this far. So then.

Sometimes when I take a dump and then look in the bowl I notice that nothing is there. The turd is missing. I suspect that they shoot right around the curve, propelled by their initial velocity, or else hit a wormhole on the way and disappear into some other universe entirely. A universe of shit.

So, was that TMI for you then? Good. And Carl, thanks again.

/ paddy