Ash Thursday

The big news today of course is the vast cloud of volcanic nastiness heading across the Atlantic, taking every plane out of the sky because of the risk of ash particles clogging the engines, turning to glass and causing quite a mess.

Among the travel refugees are H10 and his mum, stuck in Dublin for a few days since all flights out of the Fair City were cancelled. Not the worst city to be stuck in, of course; they could do a lot worse, like Stanstead, or pretty much anything with “Ryanair” painted over the doors.

But what most people have failed to notice is this is clearly the start of a horror movie; I mean, dangerous cloud moves across Europe, causing panic in its wake – come on, what else could it be?

Any day now we’ll have giant ants, and mutated moose, and hordes of Ryanair cabin staff turned into zombies and stumbling about with a desire to push our luggage under the seat, show us the exits and then consume our brains.

You know where you heard it first.

/ paddy