Mars Day

Tonight I ate a Mars bar and a bowl of muesli for dinner. I didn’t even wash the bowl. That’s exactly what I thought being an adult would be like. Excellent.

In other Mars-related news, the Curiosity rover sent back some new amazing snaps. It really feels like somebody is up there, with a nice camera, just checking it out and sending us emails.

It looks a bit alien, but also familiar, and hence a bit freaky. Because we can see that Mars is an actual physical place. With ground and rocks and dust, just like here. And the universe is full of places. Worlds beyond counting. So let’s get out there and see them, shall we?

Or maybe stay here and spend the money on fucking roads and bank bailouts instead.

/ paddy

2 thoughts on “Mars Day

  1. It looks so…lonely. We should send someone to keep it company. Heck, a whole ship of scientists would be good. Enough supplies for a few years, me, Curiosity, and an entire world to explore…sounds like a decent enough party.

    • There’s already a whole bunch of volunteers willing to take a one-way trip to Mars. I say let them go. Think of the TV show that would be!

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