The Talented Mr. Nutley

Colin Nutley is an English director who lives and works in Sweden, and has been pumping out the crowd-pleasers for a decade or two.

One of his earlier hits from 1990 is called “Blackjack”, starring Helena Bergström and Reine Brynolfsson. His next movie was “Änglagård” from 1992, starring Rikard Wolff, Helena Bergström and Sven Wollter. And this was followed by “The Last Dance” starring, hmmm, Helena Bergström and Reine Brynolfsson. And then in 1994 came “Änglagård – andra sommaren” with, guess who: Rikard Wolff and Helena Bergström.

Don’t go away – there is a point here, and it’s amusing, so bear with me.

Mr. Nutley has made 8 more movies since 1994, and all of them had Helena Bergström as the female lead. Every last one. And I’m not aware if Mr. Nutley did anything else in the last 18 years than the work listed in the IMDB – perhaps a toothpaste commercial or two – but if he did, I would bet my arse that it also had Helena Bergström in it.

Now the funny thing is that Helena Bergström is Mr Nutley’s wife. And this is where it all becomes just a bit creepy.

Now, as good as Ms. Bergström might be as an actress, can it be possible that EVERY script that passes Colin Nutley’s table is just perfect for her? That she can breathe life into every female lead character that Mr. Nutley has seen on paper in almost 20 years?

I mean, come on, isn’t it all just SLIGHTLY embarrassing?

I wonder how it works. I mean, does Colin Nutley throw a tantrum at the casting meeting until he gets his way, or hold his breath until he faints? Or he does try to get it in sneakily, like: “Wait, I know just the lady. What’s her name again – yeah, Helena Bergström! Do you know her? She’ll be perfect! Again.”

Perhaps Ms. Bergström withholds certain home privileges if she is not hastily cast in every lead role. Or maybe as punishment she makes sub-standard porridge for a month. Or farts in bed. Or puts gravel in Colin’s slippers in the middle of the night.

Or perhaps Mr. Nutley combs frantically through the scripts offered to him, locates only the stories with blonde and 40-something female leads, chucks the rest, and puts the chosen script on the breakfast table with a cute little note and a love-heart doodle on it?

Doesn’t Colin Nutley want to work with anybody else, ever, for the remainder of his career? Isn’t he even curious? It seems not. He must actually enjoy hanging out with his wife at home, and then all day at work, and in the car home, and the whole day after that until one or the other of them is dead.

Now is it just me, or is that all just a tiny bit odd and more than a tiny bit creepy?

/ paddy

14 thoughts on “The Talented Mr. Nutley

  1. Awwww, I think it’s sweet.

    And pretty impressive that there are that many scripts featuring 40-something actresses. In the U.S., all actresses over the age of 35 are shot.

    Is that actress in other films…not directed by her husband?

    And is that really any different than Woody Allen putting his girlfriends in films? If he’d been with the same woman all this time, Mia Farrow would have been in about fifty of his movies by now.

  2. Glen: And they probably even eat dinner in the kitchen and not in front of the TV. Appalling.

    Alex: Yeah she does other stuff, a lot of stage work too. But maybe Colin is just “really nice to work with”. Nudge nudge wink wink.

    Martin: I guess Colin knows her strong points by now, and he intends to use them as much as possible.

  3. Oh.. you cynic, PaddyK! It’s kind of like his trademark – working with his wife! And after all, this combo doesn’t seem to have harmed his success as a film maker!

    One thing that is a little creepy though is that there is always, always a shot of her perky behind in every film…

  4. ladyFi: Yes, indeed I am a cynic. And so what if it’s his trademark? It’s still weird. Still I suppose it keeps their marriage together – maybe nobody else will work with either of them.

    And is her behind really that perky? I must go and check…

  5. But doesn´t she wants to develop as an actress or does she consider her job like a 9-5 thing that puts food on the table? In that case it´s great to hang out with him. Another issue here is that he always gets huge allowances from the swedish film insitute. Why, are there no other talents in Sweden? Black Jack was great, really great, Änglagård was sweet but already there Helena got that fixed character that followed her to our days – moody, screaming, crying, sexual challanging, white trash like. I´m sure she can do better but can he?

    No, start to give that huge money to someone else, his films suck and the odeon are letting them down. You should get money and creds for expression not because you are an artist, director etc. That´s the problem in the small Swedish cultural pond. Bergman was great, but who would he have been in another country when you really have to promote yourself and your right to express yourself?

  6. I agree… they should start giving huge money to someone else – like me! Hell, for a few million kronor I too could produce some pretty good films!

  7. H: I guess Colin is a big English fish, in a small pond. Of money. Or something.

    ladyFi: Go for it. I’m in for 50:-

    Sandro & Wendpu: You are Colin Nutley, aren’t you?

  8. The comments in reference to the article called, “The Talented Mr. Nutley” under the names Sandro & Wendpu should be removed. If you want to post a message, then do so using your real name. Do not post something in someone else’s names and think it is a funny joke. If I do not see that post removed, then this website will be reported.

    • Nice, legal complaints, now THIS is what blogging is all about!

      Report me to WHO. exactly? The blog police? And for what? And how do I know who YOU are?

      Please explain in more detail, we are all waiting to hear from you!

  9. We appreciate that you want to investigate this situation a little further. We found it unusual that someone would post a comment under our names. Please sensor what people say in your blog because it makes it look bad. Thank you.

  10. Please censor the things that are being said on this website. Thank you in advance.

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