Slacking Off

Yes, I’m slacking off. I got a new job to work at, a new book to send off to agents, a WoW character to level, and a brand spanking new sonic screwdriver to play with. Well, wouldn’t you be slacking off too?

In an unrelated item, if anybody has any contacts in publishing who would be interested in a Dick-Lit/Chick-Lit/IT-lit novel about Irish guys in Stockholm, well, you know.

And to keep you all amused until I get my shit together, here is a very good reason indeed to become a published author. Mmmm.

/ paddy

11 thoughts on “Slacking Off

  1. Congrats on finishing the novel and good luck with the submission process. I’m a novice at it all myself, but it sounds like you should seek out an Irish or a Swedish agent.

  2. Oh, that is really quite fantastic. I would love to see the look on my client’s faces if that were my ringtone and it were to go off while we were in a meeting. Perfect situation would definitely be to capture the client’s face on video while the phone rang during a meeting. Good times! I hope the search for a publisher goes well. Finding one here in the States is horrible right now.

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