I was asked recently if there are any things I regretted in my life up to now.


Now there’s a tough one. I tried very hard but could actually think of almost nothing that I regret. Decisions in life, even bad ones, lead to new things and new places and new anecdotes and new blog material.

So I hate to get all new age on your asses, but almost everything that happens in life teaches you something. And I generally have a policy of trying anything once, since I don’t want to be an old codger sitting in the home and thinking: “Damn it, why didn’t I just take that funky pill?”

But after racking my brains, I came up with 2 things I do actually regret.

1) That I did not take the opportunity to be an Erasmus student in the 90s. My University was literaly begging us physics majors to go abroad for a few months to do our final projects. I didn’t do it, and I wish I had.

2) In 1992-1993 I stayed in student rooms in Trinity College in Dublin, where I was studying. In the floor of the living room I shared with 2 other students was a trapdoor. Seriously. It led into the old university cellars (this place was 400 years old). Once me and my room mates opened the trapdoor and had a quick peek inside but did not venture any further. Now, I would give a great deal indeed to buy a rope ladder and some sturdy torches, get my arse into those ancient cellars and see what the hell is down there. Aren’t young men supposed to be curious, damn it?

And there was also that time in 1994 when I ended up in a bedroom at 3 in the morning with Sharon and Olivia…

But no, let’s not go there, shall we?

/ paddy

5 thoughts on “Regrets

  1. And why in the hell didnt ya tell ME about the trap door!!!! I’d a been down there in a flash…. dammit but now i have a regret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hm, If you went to see those girls today, I am sure they would be in, if their men can come home from the pub or the oldest kids can look after the smallest. Maybe you can drag them down to the celler and fulfit your potentials and make you dreams come true. . I regret not starting a band.

  3. ladyFi: They still dream of me, I’m sure.

    Dot-com: I’m sure there’s a rude pun in there somewhere…

    Mr of Mulroy: Yes, you’d have been down there like a ferret, wouldn’t you?

    H: Well I don’t want them NOW, obviously. That’s one trapdoor I don’t want to open. Heh heh.

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